The Armeniac takes us to Ancient and Medieval Armenia to discover food ingredients and products that wereprepared at courts in monasteries throughout the ancient Kingdom of Armenia. Armeniac founded in 1887 and instituted in 1996 as a family company brand to produce herbal infusion andspice based on knowledge passed from generation to generation. For over 7000 years, the tradition ofgathering and blending wild herbs has been an integral part of the daily lives of the Armenian people. Themethods of collection, processing, blending and brewing have been passed down from generation togeneration. A herbal tea is brewed to be shared with family and friends at social gatherings. Armeniac teaselections are an integral part of our range of delicious and healthy products with robust and earthy flavors.They contain great flavor, fine quality and the ability to stimulate digestion, to induce relaxation, and toenhance overall enjoyment after a fine meal.