Armenian Tea (Wild Thyme & Mint Delight)


The effects of a balanced combination of carefully harvested wild mint and mountain thyme makes this infusion soothing and ideal for relaxation. According to the manuscripts, King Sanatruk (of Arshakuni dynasty) ordered his herbalists to serve this infusion to all palace guests as a sign of respect. According to historical references, this infusion is considered a digestive aid and an anti-stress herbal drink that promotes clarity and purifies the body.

Ingredients: wild mint and mountain thyme

To Prepare: put a single serving t-stick into your cup and add freshly boiled water and brew for 5 minutes. Drink whilst hot, without sugar. To sweeten, we recommend honey or Armeniac tea compliments.

Packaging: 12 T-Stick in box, net 25 gr +/- 5gr