Wild Mountain Dill for Specialty Fish dish


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Dill originally came from Southeast Asia and India, although some herbalists assign its word origin to the Norse ‘dilla’, meaning ‘to lull’. According to Dioscurides, ancient Greeks used dill to flavour wine and in the preparation of the ‘anethinon myron’ and ‘anthinon wine’. Ancient Greek and Roman soldiers used dill as a medicinal herb, by placing burned dill seeds on their wounds to promote healing. In Medieval Europe carrying a bag of dried dill over the heart was considered protection against spells. Dill was also one of the herbs used by magicians in their spells and charms against witchcraft.

Armenian Mountain Dill has a very strong taste and flavour and is used in cooking and bread making – the green parts as well as the seeds, although they are not substitutes for each other. Dill is a very good match with cucumber, and egg and lemon sauce. It is especially good with salmon, in combination with lemon juice. Add chopped dill to romaine salads, use liberally in fricassee dishes, and in fish marinades. Dill may be found as an ingredient in recipes for pickles, fish, meat, salads, soups, cheese, omelettes, vegetables and legumes, as well as a flavouring for olive oil and vinegar.

Ingredients: pollen with flower of wild anethinon

Packaging: Exclusively limited edition of 10 gram in glass jar