Royal Delight


Signature Dry Fruit Delicacy

Opening the box of Armeniac Signature Royal Delight is like peeking into a treasure chest! Each handcrafted dry fruit delicacy is a handmade natural gem. The different tastes, shapes, and textures all complement one another to create the ultimate experience. The flavour combinations of dry fruit with almonds are modern takes on classic favourites that are created by using only the highest quality ingredients. Quality, provenance and freshness is at the core of the Armeniac philosophy. Sun dried wild fruits, marzipan along with fresh fruit, nuts, herbs, and seasonings are the simple ingredients used to create our masterful chocolates. Our Royal Delight signature includes ‘Apricot-Walnut’ delight made from sun dried wild apricot stuffed with roasted wild walnuts; ‘Ginger Green’ – pistachio marzipan stuffed with spiced phoenix fruit, that most likely refers to the Phoenicians and is called date palm fruit that was used by Theophrastus and Pliny the Elder; ‘Melograno’ that is made from sun dried cornelian cherry marzipan and stuffed with pomegranate preserves; and ‘Turmeric Khorizo’ apricot and almond seed paste with turmeric and stuffed with an omega 3 flax and sesame seed rich honey pastille, that is individually packaged for you to enjoy. Please note that there are 4 pcs in the gift box and the shelf life is 6 months.

Melograno (Pomegranate Delicacy)

Take a delicious journey through the coveted pomegranate flavours of the rich Armeniac Melograno. Our Melograno delicacy includes sun dried cornelian cherry with marzipan and fresh Pomegranate preserves.

 APRICOTIN (Apricot-Walnut Delight)

These unique sweets are made from sun dried wild apricots stuffed with roasted wild walnuts. Excellent accompaniment to herbal tea.

 Ginger GREEN (Pistachio-Ginger Toffees)

Our pistachio marzipan delight is stuffed with spiced phoenix fruit and was a favourite sweet of Theophrastus and Pliny the Elder.

 Turmeric Khorizo (Flax and Sesame Sweet)

Authentic sweet made of apricot and almond seed pate flavoured with turmeric and stuffed with mountain honey, roasted flax and sesame seed. These are individually packaged for you to enjoy.

Packaging: 4 handmade delights in a gift wooden box with net 120 gr +/- 5gr