Sanahin (2007 vintage)


The original recipe of this herbal tea blend dates to the 10th century. The monks at the Sanahin monastery brought it with them when they left the Byzantine Empire in 930-940AD and kept it as a sacred blend which is good for digestion and improves memory through relaxation and it also lifts ones’ mood. This vintage tea has a sweet taste and honey like aroma of newly blossomed flowers.

Ingredients: wild Elderflower and Linden flower pollen.

To Prepare: To prepare a delicious cup of tea add one teaspoon of tea blend (4 g)  per cup and pour freshly boiled water (200 ml) to brew minimum for 2 hours (we recommend 12 hour brew). Giving the rest to the flower mix, strain and stir about 50 ml of infusion into the cup and add 150 ml of hot water to serve with honey and slice of lemon.

Packaging: Net 50gr in gift wooden box.