Queen’s Nectar (Eternal Beauty Flower)


Around the 18th century Queen Tamara, in search of ‘eternal youth’, ordered her servants to search for magic herbs. After six months of searching, the servants found an old wise herbalist who granted the Queen’s wish, by combining sunny-sweet chamomile, wild violet, Armenian saffron (safflower) and queen flower (mountain cefalaria) petals to generate this delicate blend. Queen Tamara was surprised how this delicious blend helped to maintain her beauty by promoting relaxation.

Ingredients: wildcrafted cephalaria, safflower and chamomile

To Prepare: put a single serve t-stick -into your cup and add freshly boiled water to brew for 5 minutes. Drink whilst hot, without sugar. To sweeten, we recommend honey or Armeniac tea compliments.

Packaging: 10 T-Stick in box, net 20 gr +/- 5gr