Amaretto Cherry Preserve


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In ancient times it was known as Mahleb cherry (Prunus mahaleb ) and nowadays its well known as Amaretto cherry of St. Lucie Cherry.  It has been used for centuries in the Middle East and the surrounding areas as a flavouring for baked goods. Recipes using the fruit or seed of the ‘ḫalub’ date back to ancient Sumer. In recent times it has been slowly entering mainstream cookbooks in English. In Greek-American cooking, it is the characteristic flavouring of Christmas cake and pastry recipes. In Greece, it is called μαχλέπι (mahlepi), and is used in egg-rich yeast cakes and cookies such as Christmas vasilopita and Easter tsoureki breads (known as cheoreg in Armenian and çörek in Turkish). Our handmade Amaretto Cherry preserve has an almond taste because of the amygdaline flavour of rape fruits. It is rich in vitamin C, D, E and supports the immune system and is therefore also anti-viral and anti-cold.

Ingredients: wild mahleb cherry, water, pumpkin sugar, lemon juice

Packaging: in 25 gram individual portion glass jar