Armeniac Offer of Collaboration – An Introduction

Armeniac products are transformed and designed to act as a catalyst, bringing people together to enjoy healthy and authentic teas in an atmosphere of friendly discussion, communication and new discovery.

Armeniac focuses on enhancing scientific research on Armenian herbal tea, spice and food culture in general, so that it can improve its knowledge and promote a healthy life-style with the cooperation of well-known Armenian chefs, restaurateurs and food connoisseurs.

The Armeniac philosophy takes us to Ancient and Medieval Armenia to discover food ingredients and products that were prepared at courts in monasteries throughout the ancient Kingdom of Armenia.

Our current products include:

  • High quality wild cultivated boutique herbal tisanes.
  • Unique herbs and spices.
  • Authentic dry fruit delights as tea accompaniment.
  • A set of specialty tea accompaniments such as Sambuca jam, dry ginger, pumpkin sugar and wild linden honey.
  • As well as natural essential oil tea room aerometry.
  • Elderberry-Mulberry balsamic vinegar.

Who we are?

We are well known producers and world leaders of high quality, authentic Armenian herbal teas. We have over 20 years’ experience  in exporting 95% of our products to famous high end restaurant, specialty tea stores and boutiques in the USA, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Japan and Russia (for more info visit www.armeniantea.com). We are the founder of Ancient Herbals and Armeniac trademark to introduce the medieval royalty Armenian herbal tea and food product services.

What do we offer?

  • Unique and high quality products, at competitive prices.
  • Staff training and sales monitoring management for Managers.
  • Consistent supply and on-going collaboration.

What we are ready to do for you?

  • To set up an authentic concept of quality in the Armeniac tea brand to complement your food retail business by incorporating an already well established brand.
  • To provide training to staff on tea knowledge, service and sales.
  • Provide selected herbal teas as well as supply 2 varieties of selected black, green and fruit teas to complete the tea assortments for all customer needs.
  • To supply ‘Tea Compliments’ and ‘Dry Fruit Tea Delights’ to serve with teas.
  • To support and initiate Tea events, Tea time ceremonies and cultural activities for promoting customer knowledge base.

How we can begin?

We can begin by organising ‘Hot and Ice Tea’ programmes by providing the necessary equipment and accessories with cost effective options.