Royal Cherry Preserve (Wild Cherry Rose)


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The cherry is undoubtedly one of the most attractive fruits anywhere in the world.  Cherry-picking time is a joy and true manifestation of summer. The cherry is native to Asia Minor, particularly ancient Armenian Anatolia. The story is that the Roman general Lucullus is responsible for diffusing the cherry to the world. When he set foot in the northern Anatolian town of Giresun on the Black Sea coast, he was soon to discover his favourite fruit. When one looks down towards the sea from the hills, the city crawls into the sea like an arching horn. Ancient Romans must have seen this and accordingly named the city Kerasus, after the Latin word ‘Kerason’ or horn. So, when Lucullus tasted the cherry, he probably did not hesitate a moment to name it after the town he had encountered for the first time. The Cerasus or Kerasus became the root word for the cherry. Since that time one variety of cherry that was called royal cherry (because it was served to the Roman Emperor) and was used in delicacies during the Roman Empire. Our Royal Cherry Preserve has a pink colour and a slightly sour, fragrant and delicious taste without being too sweet and with the aromas of rose and vanilla. It is reminiscent of the English teatime experience. Extend your enjoyment of those juicy, sun-ripened royal cherries by adding them to your morning cup of tea.

Ingredients: wild royal chery, water, pumpkin sugar, lemon juice

Packaging: in 25 gram individual portion glass jar