Mkhitarin (2009 vintage)


The recipe of this interesting blend, that provides internal rest and harmony, was discovered in medieval Armenian manuscripts where it was mentioned that it was used by monks as a relaxing infusion with an anti-stress sedative effects. It is made from wild hops, quince leaves and wild mint harvested when the sun and the moon are both in the sky. It was known also as ‘Monk’s infusion’.

Ingredients: wild hops, quince leaves and wild mountain mint

To Prepare: To prepare a delicious cup of tea add one teaspoon of tea blend (4 g)  per cup and pour freshly boiled water (200 ml) to brew for a minimum 10 minutes (we recommend 2 hour brew). Giving the rest to the flower mix, strain and stir about 50 ml of infusion into the cup and add 150 ml of hot water to serve with honey or dark chocolate.

Packaging: Net 50 gr in gift wooden box.