Vulcanic Oregano for Kobe Beef


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Vulcanic Oregano also known as ‘Blue Savoury’ that has been used for centuries even millennia in Armenian (‘Vishapaglukh’, ‘Hrabkhakhol’) and Persian (‘Badrashbi’) folk medicine. The genus name is derived from a Roman half-man, half-goat deity known as a satyr. The plant’s connection to love and nature was dedicated to this hedonistic creature that roamed the woodlands of Roman mythology. Savoury has been used as a culinary herb for centuries, in both fresh and dried forms. It stands up especially well to rich meats that have been grilled, stewed or smoked, as well as grilled portabella mushrooms. Because of its essential oils, it is even used in the formulations of bitters and vermouth. Pair Savoury with seafood, lamb, beef, poultry, potatoes, dried beans, lentils, tomatoes, garlic, and fresh cheeses (especially goat). Ethnobotanical and pharmacological reports record that its originated from Urmia (Historical Armenian province) provinces of Iran and native of China,  and were used as a diaphoretic, cardiotonic and for the treatment of flatulence, nausea, snake bites and stings, pain relief,  kidney complaints, and also as an antiseptic and stimulant in folk medicine of Asia and Europe.

Harvested from wild volcanic mountains of Armenia it is used as a rare spice for beefsteak or grilled beef. It has strong taste with citrus notes that nowadays has become popular to use with wagyu meat. Wagyu is famous for its use in Japanese style cooking such as ‘Shabu Shabu’ and ‘Teppanyaki’. Boasting a unique flavour, Wagyu can be enjoyed alone in its simplest form, or as a focal point of a gourmet feast. Our favourite is whole roast fillet of Wagyu (Tenderloin).

How to Use:  Prepare the fillet by rubbing with Volcanic Oregano. Sear the outside on a hot BBQ plate before placing in a hot oven for 25 minutes. Allow to rest for 10 minutes before carving. While the meat is resting make a sauce with the juices from the roasting dish and sliced garlic by adding a little white wine or Cointreau.

Ingredients: blue savoury

Packaging: Exclusively limited edition of 5 gram in glass jar